Royal Ascot’s Relaxed Dress Code Welcomed – But Don’t Forget your Hat…

Royal Ascot racegoers are certainly accustomed to dressing to impress for this most social of events and in what is a stunning turnabout in policy, as part of what’s being called a ‘diversity drive’, Ascot has relaxed some of the dress codes to be more ‘inclusive’ for some race fans. Co-ordinators of the event have announced that guests will be able to pick a sex clothing regulation they ‘feel most comfortable with’ meaning for the first time ladies will be permitted to dress like men and of course, the other way around – providing the garb they choose still adheres to the Royal Ascot guidelines.

Royal Ascot Ladies Day - what to wear?

Since the Regency times of the early 19th century
in England, Ascot has insisted on a strict dress code for the Royal Ascot
event. It was the iconic Beau Brummell, a one-time close friend of the Prince
Regent (Later King George the 4th) who is remembered as the
preeminent example of a fashionable ‘dandy’ man and as the driving force behind
the dress code for men in the Royal Enclosure. Beau even advised gentlemen that
they should always clean their boots with champagne ‘for a better shine’. Many
of Beau’s influences and dress guidelines for the event unbelievably still
remain to this day.

The exclusive Royal Enclosure, often referred to as ‘the
heart’ of the event, has always had tight rules in regards to dress. But in
2018, the event broke with usual convention by permitting racegoers to wear
jumpsuits in the Royal Enclosure for the first time and organisers this year
have announced they would try to appeal to a wider range of visitor by putting
on a ‘party atmosphere’ and incorporating a ‘more vibrant feel’ to the

The relaxed dress codes have been welcomed by respected LGBT
and Transgender figures here in the UK with Britain’s first transgender jockey
Victoria Smith commenting that it was ‘really positive’ and that racing was
‘starting to become more accepting of difference’.

The commercial director of Ascot, Julie Slot, has said: ‘Fashion and style are an important part of the Royal Ascot experience for all of our customers’ and certainly this year, more than any other, Ascot appears to be embracing change like never before.

Ladies Day Fashion at Royal Ascot

There have been other alterations in the dress code policy
with regards to all enclosures and its recommended that if you are attending Royal Ascot Ladies
or any other day of the horse race festival that you view the all
the information contained in the The
Royal Ascot Style Guide
(In association with Cunard) which can
be viewed and downloaded via the official Royal Ascot Website.

For further information on Royal Ascot including details on
enclosures, great value day trip hospitality options, dress codes and more
please do check out the Ladies
Day Ascot

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